Journaling Old School

Hello! I am Becca. First and foremost, thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. As a teenager I kept a journal. However, I am new to  blogging. I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to get here, but here I am.

When I was younger, before the Internet, I used to journal my life in an unusual place, my mattress.  When I was alone and lost in thought in my room I would pull back the sheets and scribble some random thoughts or write poem. I had the same mattress for as long as I could remember. Eventually I ran out of space and had to submit to writing in a spiral notebook. The only sad part about both is that they are long gone. The mattress eventually found its way to the dumpster. The notebook of poems I think is lost somewhere in my father’s garage amongst my younger sister Sharon’s junk. At least that is where my father last remembered seeing it.

Sharon stole it from my belongings when she was visiting our mother in Virginia and took it back to California with her without my knowledge. She copied the poems and passed them off as her own. I knew she did this when I found a wadded up piece of paper on my dad’s desk of one of my poems in her handwriting addressed to her boyfriend. I felt violated because they were my thoughts and my words about something that was important to me. That is when I decided to leave things in my head. I wish I had them both, the mattress and the notebook, back because so much of my childhood memories were scribed in, or on, them. Nowadays I don’t mind putting my words out there. Not  because I don’t care if someone steals my thoughts and uses them as their own, but because the written word will be around longer then I. And, because my family is scattered all over the world.

So, this blog is a documentation of my thoughts and my life. It is a place that, hopefully, will be around for a long time. A place that my family and friends can look back on long after I am gone and know who I was, why I was and how I loved them.


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