Veggie Tales

No, This is not a blog about the gospel signing, animated veggies that appeared on DVD. This is a story about my journey into the world of actual vegetables. I know I had to eat vegetables when I was younger, but not to a large extent that it was engraved in my brain. And even as an adult, there were many times my plate was veggie-less. However, today, my life is all about veggies.

Today is the second day that I have gone without consuming meat. So far I have not missed eating meat. I have enjoyed learning about and trying new foods like quinoa and brown rice. I have eaten rice all my life, but it has always been white rice. I am also discovering a whole new way of thinking and foods I never knew existed like Nutritional Yeast. I am excited to make the hour long trek to Austin soon and visit a Whole Foods Grocery store. We don’t have a Whole Foods n our town, and the Nature’s Grocery does not have all the options I have seen in some of the documentaries I have watched recently.

My transition has been made easier because my husband is making the change with me. Also, a good friend is making the change as well.  I think that having that support is important as opposed to going it alone. I think of this diet not as a diet but as my medicine. And frankly, the cost to eat healthier is less expensive than the medical cost I have already accrued. It is also less expensive than the cost of the chemo I need but can not afford.

Some people may think I am crazy and am taking a risk. They think I  should put my self in debt and then claim bankruptcy.  Seems like a simple solution, but then who is going to make up the $500,000 in losses to the hospital. I will tell you who, YOU! It is what drives up the cost. Just like at the local store down the street, if they have shrinkage (loss from stolen goods) they have to cover those losses. And that my friend is done by increasing consumer cost, in other words your cost.

I don’t know if this will work, but I have nothing to lose. It’s not like eating the veggies will harm me like the poison they pump into you when you are having chemo. I am fortunate that my cancer’s characteristics do give me some time to try to see if eating a healthier diet will change things. If not the healthier choices I am making will definitely help with my other health issues like cholesterol.

This whole journey is a learning experience. An experience that I have to take because of my Stage 4 Cancer. I am not saying veggies will cure me of cancer. I am not saying I will go in for a scan in six months and they will be gone. But frankly, if the new diet keeps them stable, I will be happy.


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