WK1 – “Where’s the beef?”

How to tell if you have a spoiled dog: You and your spouse have changed to a plant-based diet and your husband says “We should make a hamburger for Jake, poor guy.”

Today is the start of week 2 of our new meat-less life style. So far things are going well. I actually don’t even miss the meat. The key is to have variety and good flavor. It is still a little hard in the transition because I found myself still consuming some processed foods with the only difference being that it was vegan processed food.  I also found myself consuming a lot of carbs, so I need to rethink some of my choices. Jake is not happy at all.

Jake is used to being spoiled. As my dad says, “I don’t know too many dogs that get steak.” It is an adjustment for him. He was used to sausage, eggs, hash browns, biscuits and gravy on Sunday mornings. During the week, it was fried eggs, bacon and toast at least three times a week. Going to McDonald’s meant there was a double stack cheeseburger in the bag for him. Subway, well, you order a foot long because 1/2 of it was his. Dinner was his favorite meal of the day by far. He loves Italian, Steak, pizza and beef Lo Mein noodles just to note a few. So this vegan thing has got him a little perplexed.

The other night I gave him a bit of my veggie burger. Jake gave me that “What the heck?” look of confusion. He just  sat there with an open mouth of food like he was afraid to close it.  Then, he lowered his head and let it drop to  the floor. Then asked for another bite thinking it would be different I guess. Same reaction. He followed that with a few grunts and growls, as if to be chewing me out and asking “Where’s the beef?” and then walked away to sulk. At least he still has his Milkbones. In the long run it is for the  best, as I know he was eating foods he shouldn’t, but so were we.

In addition to healthier eating, we want to juice, but unfortunately the one we wanted could not be purchased locally. I ordered it online and it should be her sometime next week. The only reason I want to juice is because I want large volume of nutrients that can be provided by juicing. You would think being a cancer patient someone would have talked to me years ago about eating better.  Since they weren’t, I didn’t think about it either. I knew I should have been making better choices. However,  I had not reached my rock bottom until recently I guess. Food was my drug and I was addicted. We all are. It is how we were raised.

After the first week, I sleep better. I don’t feel as stressed. I am less bloated. I am more energetic. And, I have lost 10 lbs. All-in-all, its been a good week.


2 thoughts on “WK1 – “Where’s the beef?”

  1. The dogs love my vegan sausage patties and vegan bacon. I do give them chicken flavored treats, and have even made then boiled chicken, but they are happy with whatever. – Best of luck with your new food plan

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