Letting Go

Hello world, it has been a while since I have posted. I have had a lot of things going on at the moment between health, family, politics and most important puppies. Through it all I have learned that sometimes I just have to let it go, but sometimes I just can’t.

Health wise I am in limbo. I can’t afford the treatment they want me to have. I find myself having to let it go when it comes to cancer. Otherwise, it will eat me alive. We are too rich, by the way anyone who makes over $27,000 and owns two cars is too rich, to get assistance and to poor to afford it. I find it ironic that Obama’s calls his health plan the Affordable Care Act. It should be called Forced Insurance Act because it fails to make health care affordable with or without insurance. It is only affordable if you don’t get sick. My brother called me and said he was excited the Supreme Court upheld this tax on the American public because I could not be turned down for insurance with my pre-existing condition. Well hell, what good is it when I can’t afford the treatment with insurance.

Speaking of brothers, I have learned I have had to let go of my hurt I felt in the past year when he got upset that I spoke with my dad about my concerns for him. Our relationship has improved just recently, but I find myself having to learn to deal with his new political views.  Which at times, remind me of a Dem’s talking point sheet. He says financially he’s conservative, but with social issues he is a liberal. I worry about  who is working for and the influence over him. It is more than being a democrat that bothers me about this individual. It is his underlying ideologies. But, my brother is 27, a grown man, and I have to let go of trying to protect him from the world.

Charger, white shepard

Love those ears.

Speaking of protecting, I found myself working and paying to save the cutest puppy ever. Well almost the cutest, second cutest. My Jake still reigns supreme in that category. This puppy is named Charger. He is not my dog, but I wish he was. He belongs to my husband’s friend. The friend didn’t have money for the vet bill and Charger had Parvo. He was going to let him die and I couldn’t stand by and watch it. After I nursed him back to health, my husband gave him back to his owner. Now my heart is breaking because I know Charger’s life would have been happier with us. He is cared for but it just the bare needs. He lives outside in the elements and at many times is left alone. I know that not every dog owner has the same beliefs as I do. They don’t all let them in the house etc, but still it is hard.  This has been source of contention between my husband and I. I love that puppy so much.  To keep him healthy I have been buying heart worm and flea medicine for him. And,  I sneak by with treats and toys at times. The only good thing is that the wife is starting to warm up to him and he is getting a little more attention. All I can do is educate them without coming across as a jerk to become better pet parents. In the mean time, I have to learn to let go.


4 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. wow that is aweful having the big C. poor dog at least your trying to help. but sometimes things are just out of our control. there is a nice slide presentation about the silver lining of heart disease cancer and the like that really help me look at cancer in a different light. go to stephanies seneff home page and scroll down to silver lining. you won’t read this in mainstream journals. and as for health care when is the gov interference in the market ever really about helping people in need? it is more like a way to destroy markets for the benefit of cronys in washington. reduce competition and plunder the public treasury.


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