BEP- Round 3

Round 3 of my chemo went as expected. My platelets where high so they had to do a TSP before they could get a good return on my port. TSP is apparently what they give stoke patients. But after administration things went well.

The hardest thing about Round 3 was the emotional impact. I am almost 3 1/2 hours from home and bored to tears. My mom was there for a couple of days but then I sent her home because of the hotel expense. There was a big oil convention in town so the prices went from $79 to $200 a night. Fortunately, the hotel I stay at, while not the most fancy, has a medical discount code so I was able to still get the $79 price. Not all hotels offer this discount, so a lot of patients are stuck paying the higher cost or forego their treatment. Anyway, even at $79 it is a $474 expense every three weeks. Not including my 20% in medical cost, food, gas and other incidentals.

After getting home the weather turned stormy and I noticed my breathing was a little more labored and I developed a constant cough. Of course, my sinus allergies were acting up a little. And, the high the humidity, the more present the cough. This continued for the first week. The second week home the cough was still there but not as much. It seemed to present itself when I exerted myself. So, when I went in for my clearance for a 4th round, we postponed treatment to be on the safe side to ensure it wasn’t more than allergies.

On a good note my Inhibin A and B counts went down. No way near normal, but down none the less. However, the question comes after the 4th treatment. They can only give me 4 treatments of BEP otherwise the potential of the side effects go up significantly. That’s a scary thought considering one of them is a secondary cancer of Leukemia. But, then the question is which direction to go in next. And, at what cost.