I forgot I had that!

Today I grew tired of my new vacuum cleaner hanging out in the living room. My house isn’t very big and not huge on storage. Or at least I thought so until I cleaned out my coat closet by the door.

It is amazing how much one can accumulate over time that can become buried and forgotten if not cleaned out on an annual basis. What I found in my closet:

  • A mini refrigerator I used to have at work in 2006
  • An Art board, portfolio and carry case I used for some drawing classes I took in 2006
  • Autographed Fenton glass cat I had put away for my niece Kat several years ago.
  • A basketball, we don’t have a net, so not sure why I have a ball
  • Husband’s lost softball glove
  • Husband’s expensive pool stick hasn’t used in years.
  • Roomba-quit using it when I had to put in carpet for Jake (see Jake’s story for explanation)
  • Tons of Home Interiors stuff I am not currently using
  • Two life jackets for my puppies
  • Pee pads from when Jake was a puppy (makes we want another puppy)
  • A tank of helium from 2009
  • A cot
  • Fold up cooler I could have used on my shopping trip to Canton, TX
  • A 4×6 silk rug I forgot about
  • two black lamps, base only,  I haven’t used since 1993, I don’t know what happened to the shades.
  • boxes of miscellaneous stuff
  • Some old coats that have got to go, way out of style or don’t fit

There was some other stuff, but I think you have the idea. I think I need to clean out the closet more often. I feel a little bit like a hoarder. Who am I kidding, I do have hoarding tendencies, but only with some things not all. Now I have to figure out what I am going to do with the rest of this stuff.