Meet Jake

Hi! I am Jake a.k.a. “Crazy Man”. I was born in July 2007 and came to live with my family in September. I was only 6-weeks-old. Mom wasn’t sure a puppy would fit into their lives at that time because they were both so busy, and they had just adopted my older sister Sabrina.

However, as soon as she met me she was hooked. Unfortunately, I was covered in fleas. There were so many it made me anemic and tired, so I couldn’t walk that much before falling over. Mom called my vet after two days of trying to rid me of the them. They said to wash me in Dawn dishwashing soap. Guess what! It killed all the fleas! I have lived a flea free life ever since.

My mom has loved and spoiled me since the day she met me. She bought me lots of treats and of toys to keep me busy! She even bought me a pool! I loved playing in the water and tracking muddy paws all over the wood floors. Good thing they don’t have carpets! But heck, even if I did, they’d love me anyway.

Speaking of wood floors, you may be wondering where I got my nickname. Well, dad gave it to me. Every time they would come home I would jump up and run to the door as fast as I could. There was only one problem, hardwood floors have no traction. I couldn’t stop! Well, actually I would stop when I crashed into the wall. Dad would laugh and say I was 100 percent committed. Then he would say “crazy man” and it stuck. Now that I am bigger I don’t crash into the wall so much, but I still love to go crazy when he comes home.

Mom says that happiness treads in the paws of puppies. I think it is in the bottom of an ice cream bowl. Just kidding. It’s Milkbones and playing ball that really makes me happy. I love to play ball. I wake my Nana up every morning to remind her it is time to play. Mom throws some for me during the day when she can. And, OH BOY! When dad gets home it’s game on.

I love my mom and dad and am always at their feet. I even still sleep in their bed because I out grew mine. They have a Sleep Number bed and it is very comfortable, so I am not sure I want to give it up anytime soon. I heard dad say just the other day we were going to have to buy a bigger bed. I am not sure why we need a bigger one because I still seem to have plenty of room to stretch out.

All in all I think things for me turned out pretty well. I was one of the lucky ones. I found a good home. For all you humans out there, there are a lot of puppies and dogs just like me waiting to be adopted at your local shelters and rescue centers. Just remember, puppies are like babies and require a lot of work and need love. But, love us and we will love you back unconditionally.

Well, just heard mom and dad come through the door, gotta go get some love and maybe a treat! Until next time, keep those tails a wagging.


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